Tissier reveals his secrets

Tissier reveals his secrets

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Christian Tissier goes in to detail about how to perform correct Aiki on various attacks.

A modern day Aikido praticioner, Tissier has successfully added his own “Je ne sais quoi” to his techniques to make what I consider a more progressive form of Aikido.

In particular his entry on Yokomen Uchi is a spectacle to behold and something that every Aikidoka should aspire to.

So if you have a spare 12 mins, enjoy the secret teachings of Tissier.


  • Well, he does talk about balance breaking, but most of what he talks about is really basic jujutsu, not anything related to Aiki – although that will depend upon your definition of “Aiki”.

  • lifestylemanoz

    Referring to balance breaking. What are your thoughts Chris?

  • It’s good conventional Aikido, but what about it makes this “correct Aiki”? It seems like primarily approaches to basic jujutsu…