Super dynamic Aikido

Super dynamic Aikido

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Aikido: Stephane Goffin Summer-Seminar 2014

Super dynamic aikido by Stephane Goffin. I really enjoy the interesting kaiten movements compliments of the Tissier movment.  I really enjoy the experimentation with basic Aikikai movements and finding new ways of using them.  Enjoy!


  • Astrotom

    Hi all,

    I found that bit when he is practicing ‘feeling’ the uke in shomen uchi very inspiring. I think that in Aikido people should train to feel the partner more often. In Taijichuan this is a quite common practice even for beginners…other martial arts, like Brazilian Ju-jitsu, work a lot on that. I would love to do more of this work and to see people doing that… I’m not sure whether this is an established practice already…I have been doing Aikido for a while, but I haven’t met many Senseis or Shihans focusing on this.