Secret Morote Dori Escapes with Saito Sensei

Secret Morote Dori Escapes with Saito Sensei

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Morihiro Saito is one of my favourite Aikidoists and there are a number of reasons why.  Firstly, I admire his influence in Aikido around the world and the fact that there are many videos of him are a testament to that.  Secondly his posture is without doubt one of the best.  If you’ve been studying Aikido for any length of time you will understand how poor posture leads to poor performance.

Moreover, Saito Sensei has always been a fan of using hips and he rarely throws people with downwards movements but rather tends to throw people with his hips.  It is fascinating to watch but I don’t think I would have liked to have been his Uke back in the day.

In this video he demonstrates some variations from Morote Dori with Koku Nage.  Enjoy!