Is Running a Kids class for your Dojo?

Is Running a Kids class for your Dojo?

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Watching this video from the class at Tenzan Dojo has given me pause to rethink our ideas on running a kids class.  Our dojo is run as a non for profit organisation and our instructors work for free, so we rarely have a business mindset when it comes to running our dojo.  For most martial arts businesses, their bread and butter is kids classes.

At this time our current mindset is not to run kids classes as it requires a lot of effort and we couldn’t really see the payoff.  After watching this video and seeing how impressive these kids are it may be time to reopen the argument for juniors classes.

What I particularly like about the video is the fact that Bruce initially began with older kids and then introduced the younger one.  I think this is a brilliant strategy as there is a great divide between the really young and adults.  I think young kids always look up to older kids for inspiration.  If they see someone who is a few years older do something, they naturally think it is achievable.

I am puzzled how Bruce manages to maintain order with so many young ones and how on earth he gets them to meditate and do yoga. I really take my hat of to you on that one.

Furthermore, due to Bruce’s mixed experiences in martial arts, he has designed an Aikido class with a focus on martial effectiveness.  Mixing Judo, take-downs and grappling into the system is a winning formula in my book.  Enjoy the video and well done on a inspirational Aikido video Bruce & Co.