Finding a Living Practice Part II

Finding a Living Practice Part II

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Finding a living practice for Aikido- Part II, weapons hold a key

Reposted from Chris Hein

“Chris is an Aikidoist who trains other martial arts and in this discussion he talks about the what he considers to be the strengths and weaknesses of Aikido.  More importantly, his thoughts coalesce into how to make use out of what one learns.  I enjoy his articles and this is part II”

In the first part of this article I talked about how after passing my black belt test in Aikido I found it nearly impossible to “use” the things I had learned in Aikido in an actual fight. I also talked about how sport martial arts had taught me the power of “live” training and how I felt that if I could add this kind of training to Aikido it might be much more useful for fighting. I also discussed how my MMA training seemed to show that Aikido was not useful for fighting, but a full contact stick fight with the Dog Brothers showed me that some Aikido training was useful in a “live” situation, and gave me hope. In this article I’m going to talk about how I figured out a big part of what made some Aikido training useful- weapon orientation.

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