Cupping the arm – Forward Roll

Cupping the arm – Forward Roll

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Rolling – Yoshigasaki Doshu Ukemi

I came across this video where yoshigasaki demonstrates a more cupped version of the arm in the forward roll.  As probably many of you know, sometimes it is difficult to teach people how to use the unbend-able arm when performing a forward roll.  I have puzzled over this for many years regarding how one can teach an effective forward roll with unbend-able arm.  It seems no matter how much you demonstrate and explain the concept to students, they always perform the roll with a bent arm (which can be dangerous to the shoulder joint).

Whilst I don’t personally have a problem with the roll, I thought this video might be helpful to incorporate into forward rolls when teaching beginners, to help enable the unbend-able arm.

If you have any suggestion or thoughts and references in regard to this issue please leave in the comments below.  I would appreciate any fresh perspectives…


  • lifestylemanoz

    I’m with you 100% Richard… Want to write an article?
    FYI, video you linked has been removed or has privacy issues…

  • a suggestion: put your arm as if someone were doing an extreme sankyo to you and role alnong the ulna? the outside bone, it protects the tip of shoulder and prevents the accromiun clavicular separation which i had happen without this info

    does this make sense? and or sound right?

    an aside: if i had your email would heve sent to you personally but this from a friend nbd but enjoyed it so . . .