Aikido Begins – Ubud Bali

Aikido Begins – Ubud Bali

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Aikido Workshop Ubud Bali

Every year I make the trip to Bali for our Australian Winter for 3 months.  Being an avid surfer, this makes sense and as an Aikidoka there are great options for training Aikido in Bali.  Aikikai has dojos in Denpasar, Seminyak, Jimbaran Bay, Canggu and now Ubud.

An expat student from Europe with a passion for Aikido and a love of staying in the Ubud area has managed to establish a new Aikikai dojo there under the tutelage of Robinsar Sibarani (4th Dan).  To help promote the new dojo, a workshop was staged (with great marketing mind you) last weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

It was super successful and over 20 new people attended each day.  People were introduced to basic rolls, basic kokyu drills and a few simple techniques.  It was extremely well run and left the people there wanting more.

The video above is a quick composite of the activities.  More videos on the Ubud Dojo FB page. Enjoy!

And if you’re ever headed to Bali, check out more info here for Robinsar’s Dojos.

Seminyak Dojo

Jimbaran Dojo

Ubud Dojo FB Page



  • lifestylemanoz

    and windows and doors and chairs and other people. It was quite a large workshop of about 50 people. Nothing to strenuous going on. Just a bunch of learners having a little fun with rolls and basic tehodoki etc. Good fun.

  • lifestylemanoz

    Good point. Will update my post. Just a little promo after the workshop I decided to throw up on the blog.

  • Aikidoka

    In the spirit of respect and accuracy of information, I would like to point out, that all Aikido Dojos in Bali fall under Bali Aikikai; the head Dojo is Samurai Dojo in Renon, Denpasar, lead by Sensei Rai.

  • Moises S Gomes

    Loved the Video, however the DOJO, I noticed that you have very close mirrors the mat, this is dangerous for the student who may fall on it, good luck and success.