5 Most Important Steps in Aikido

5 Most Important Steps in Aikido

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The fundamentals of Aikido are of great importance. In every style of Aikido I have ever practiced, there always a set of basic movements you perform, usually at the start of class. It allows you to focus on your movements without the pressure of having a partner and can provide some keen insights on why your techiques may be lacking. I think the importance of which is not highlighted until you have been studying for a while.

I remember as a keen fresh Aikidoka, wanting to get into the techniques and not do what I considered at the time all the boring stuff. The benefit of time has taught me that despite an urgency to get on with techniques, this is one of the single most important things to practice. Even cooking dinner has now become a kaiten frenzy.

In this video, the teacher and students demonstrate the basic taisabaki form Aikikai style:

  • Okuri Ashi
  • Tsugi Ashi
  • Ayumi Ashi
  • Tenkan
  • Tentai (aka kaiten)

You can see the benefit of performing the movement in regard to balance taking.  The beauty is that you can become one with your partner whilst being selfish regarding your own posture.  Enjoy!