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Wow Robert Nadeau describing learning Aikido is something else.  I appreciate his communication of thoughts.  But he is on a whole other level of thinking regarding his Aikido…

I can appreciate his thinking though.  As one progresses through stages in Aikido, the kinesthetic feel changes and you begin to disregard the person on the other end as irrelevant to how you perform techniques.

To quantify in words is almost impossible and I have discovered that no matter how much you will someone to understand what your doing, they just have to go through the repetition before they understand their body enough.

Great interview but his understanding is way beyond mine.  Soon though…Soon!

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A great interview with Jo Thambu Sensei.  I had the pleasure of attending a day seminar with Jo and he is as good and as humble as you see in this video.  Even if your style is not Yoshinkan, you will thoroughly enjoy a seminar from him.  Particularly if you like your Aikido a little more martial.


There is a longer version of this video, click here…


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A great video of Christian Tissier doing his thing.  With all the talk about the Aikikai system and its lack of martial qualities it would seem many Aikido Sensei are looking to resurrect some of the martial qualities of the art.  In this video, Tissier can be clearly seem showing how atemi can be applied during technique and even shows some very quick karate like movements on some of the entries.

I like this direction Aikido has taken in recent times, so please enjoy this video (12 mins).


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