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Moving away from Basic Aikido

I love the how to videos.  Well shot and well lit camera work (note to aspiring aikido video makers – more light).

In this video Mikey Jones performs Aiki-Otoshi from various attacks always starting the basic.  It is a great technique to teach people about good posture and how to break balance and many techniques can be performed after this entry.

What is most important to remember when doing this technique is not to compromise one’s posture as it tempting to bend at the waist to lower yourself into position.  You must maintain your centre otherwise Uke will have the advantage.

A great technique to challenge students as you have to pay strict attention to principles of Aiki.  Enjoy!

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Christian Tissier goes in to detail about how to perform correct Aiki on various attacks.

A modern day Aikido praticioner, Tissier has successfully added his own “Je ne sais quoi” to his techniques to make what I consider a more progressive form of Aikido.

In particular his entry on Yokomen Uchi is a spectacle to behold and something that every Aikidoka should aspire to.

So if you have a spare 12 mins, enjoy the secret teachings of Tissier.

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I am a fan of Tissier’s Aikido.  Super dynamic, technical with the aesthetic to match.

What draw me to watching all 24 mins of this video was his emphasis on footwork.

By correctly positioning himself with Uke, he is able to perform subsequent movements with relative ease.

So if you have a spare 20′, grab a cuppa and watch soem great instruction or just play with the fast forward button.

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Some truly cool movement and throws here.  I love this guys style, very minimalistic and yet seemingly expansive at the same time.  I love the emphasis on the subtle hand movements executing the techniques.  Looks like his students are picking up on it as well.

5 Stars from me…

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In this video Tasaka sensei clearly demonstrates the use of hips with Irimi movement.  By focusing on the hip rotation movement first, then moving the hands and body, he shows how easy it can be to take Uke’s balance, effectively drawing the balance forward.

The more dynamic movements later in the video, shows his understanding of awase & musubi with attack to heighten the effect are brilliant.  It’s hard not to watch this video many times due to his relaxed and very perfect posture.


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