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Rolling – Yoshigasaki Doshu Ukemi

I came across this video where yoshigasaki demonstrates a more cupped version of the arm in the forward roll.  As probably many of you know, sometimes it is difficult to teach people how to use the unbend-able arm when performing a forward roll.  I have puzzled over this for many years regarding how one can teach an effective forward roll with unbend-able arm.  It seems no matter how much you demonstrate and explain the concept to students, they always perform the roll with a bent arm (which can be dangerous to the shoulder joint).

Whilst I don’t personally have a problem with the roll, I thought this video might be helpful to incorporate into forward rolls when teaching beginners, to help enable the unbend-able arm.

If you have any suggestion or thoughts and references in regard to this issue please leave in the comments below.  I would appreciate any fresh perspectives…

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Shirakawa Ryuji Aikido performing Kokyu-Nage

If I seem a little obsessive over these guys, it is because they are pumping out some real quality videos.

The modern day Aikidoka is quite a spectacle with quick solid movement and flowing Aikido style and the falling is magical.  Whilst I am not a full time Aikikai practitioner myself, I always make some time to practice this style of Aikido and try to blend with the more Aikijujutsu oriented Aikido I practice regularly.



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As an avid fan of Aikido and internet troll, I regularly browse the internet looking at videos.  I am particularly drawn to this video because of the message.  Sensei Phong seems to be eminantly at peace, he has studied and taught Kung Fu and Judo, he seems like a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of person.

I appreciate people’s journey through their martial arts and it is always nice to see people who have trained under different disciplines who adopt Aikido as their principle.  Really, how long can we practice hard hitting martial arts for…Enjoy the video!

Here’s a link to his Bio, pretty impressive.

“Sensei Phong is an Aikido master who has studied under the founder Morihei Ueshiba. O-Sensei Ueshiba gave him the mission to spread Aikido throughout Vietnam and gave the name “Tenshinkai,” which means the Association of the Heart of Heaven, to the Vietnamese branch. Sensei Phong now teaches Aikido in a dojo in Westminster, California. ”

Here is another great video from his website…

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Another great video of Mitsuteru performing various Aikikai techniques.  Very smooth and powerful.

Like so many of the modern day Aikidoka he performs quick fast movements with a very low centre of gravity.  A real pleasure to watch.

Scroll to 1.28 when the action starts.

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Richard Moon demonstrates what it takes to learn a backwards roll.  What most important is his focus on keeping it safe for beginners by protecting the head from injury. There is a playlist of video that are worth a watch if you have some time.

A must watch for any serious teacher and student!

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Joe Thambu sensei demonstrates a variety of techniques from the Yoshinkan Syallabus.  He is one of my favourite Aikidoists.  Very direct and powerful techniques closely reminiscient of Gozo Shiodo.

A must watch for any serious Aikidoka.

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Aikido shinburenseijuku Shirakawa Ryuji sensei demonstration at Aikido shinburenseijuku’s Demonstration convention.

I really enjoy watching Shirakawa’s flowing and dynamic aikido.  Extremely smooth transitions between techniques and it seems as if all the attack/defense flows together.  And congratulations to the skill of his Ukes, very high level ukemi here.  A pleasure to watch…

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